Slightly Giddy

Allow me to feel a little giddy for once, alright? I’ve been attempting to man up my feelings in regards to my relationship. Why? It’s risky. Unbelievably risky to let my guard down. I don’t know when I’m going to have myself be that vulnerable again. Like way back when. If there’s one thing I learned these past four or so months, it’s to be more independent. That I don’t necessarily need a man in my life to be happy. That’s right. I don’t need him.

But I want him. Ugh, it almost makes me cringe when I think about how weak at the knees I can get. Weak. Weak. Gross.

I have my fears and insecurities. I’ve conditioned myself in many ways, hoping that my heart wouldn’t dare come close to how badly it got broken before. In fact, sometimes I feel like I’ve hit this point where I’m just floating by. Surely, I’ve been struggling with the distance between us lately. However, this whole transition starting to feel a little more comfortable. Almost to the point that texting him everyday feels normal. That has both its good and bad sides, doesn’t it?

But hey, I know for sure that the thrill doesn’t last forever. That whole thing is just an illusion. Will I end what I have because the spark is rarely there? Not even. Lol. Some girls are dumb to do that. Just saying.

I don’t know. Lately, I haven’t been making that much sense. All I know is I’m content with where I’m at with him. That I do care about him a lot. And yes, he still manages to surprise me.

I hadn’t gone out all day. My agenda consisted of eating and sleeping. Slip the computer and reading in between that and you’ve got yourself a sloth-like day. This day was about to end. 10pm was nearing, and I was on a usual Tumblr spree. It’s a Monday night. Yuki had aikido and a night out with his friends on the list. I knew full well what he was up to tonight. Although what I didn’t expect was a phone call.

My phone rang. His name lit up on the screen. He was calling me. Yuki was calling me! What the? Out of the ordinary! I picked up with surprise and the conversation went something like this:

Me: Hey? What’s up?
Yuki: Nothing much.
Me: I thought you were gonna hang out with your friends.
Yuki: Yeah, I’m just waiting for them. They’re gonna kidnap me. I just wanted to call you.

The call didn’t last long since his friends arrived two minutes later to pick him up kidnap him. 😛 So what if the conversation was short lived? It was the best two minutes of my day. (:

Yeah, yeah, I’m a sap. Ugh, get over it.

Split Second

Just when you think everything’s going to be alright. You’re wrong. Because you can never expect it.

It’s funny that I was reminded tonight how God is going to rapture us at any time. Unexpected? Yes. For the past few days, I’ve been seeing all these signs scatter across the world. The frequency of earthquakes have been increasing. Aren’t these the sign of birth pains the Word was talking about?

Anyway, after tonight’s midweek service, Christine and I were off to help set up for the One God event tomorrow. Typical, of course. Just another normal evening. Two friends conversing while working. She was going to drop me and my sister home after we helped out.

And then, the unexpected.

Right when we were dropped off. Literally. The moment we stepped out of the car. It happened.

Christine was backing out and finally got into the driving lane. Then, BAM. This other car comes out of nowhere and drives into Christine’s front side. Her car, that is. It happened so fast, I didn’t see it coming. We all didn’t see it coming. I was right next to Christine’s car when it happened. The other car must’ve been going on 40 that it shot Christine’s car into the other parking slot. Both cars were damaged.

The other girl was freaking out and so was Christine. This was the first time I’ve ever called 911. It was beyond surreal. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

It was 9:45PM.

Less than five minutes later, the police drops in and files a report. I couldn’t be more terrified for Christine. I prayed with her to calm her down. She was shocked and scared. Her parents weren’t around yet.

Around half an hour later, the report was filed. Two other cars were involved. The parked ones, that is. Not much damage there, but still.

I look back at this and it’s still overwhelming. Surely, the charges that were pressed were bad. Insurance matters and all that jazz. But to think how much worse it could have been if me and my sister were in the car? Christine’s still 17. I can only imagine how much worse she could’ve gotten out of it driving me and my sister. Or what I could have been blamed for since I’m the licensed driver of 19 years of age. I could’ve been pressed charges for.

I was just there. I just stepped out of the car before it happened. I was this close to dealing with something so much worse.

This is more than an awakening. Insanity aside, God is just too amazing. His mercy is incomprehensible. He saved us from that split second change of fate. I can’t even try to understand it right now.

Three words. God is great.

Meeting A Bass Legend

It’s not everyday when you meet a celebrity. And I’m not talking about those messed up actors or actresses on the tabloids here. I’m talking about those who are worthy of the name. I’m talking about a world class musician and winner of five grammies! Is that how you spell it? grammies?

Still don’t know who I’m talking about? Well, it’s Victor Wooten, silly! Yes, you heard me. The incredible bass legend. The Victor Wooten. I knew for a fact that when Alden mentioned last month he was going to be playing at the next gig, my eyes widened. I knew that name was familiar. I just couldn’t put my finger on in.

Then I googled him up and there it was. Right on the spot. Bass legend. And I had the honor of meeting him prior to the event. Suh-weet!

I visited my old high school during lunch despite the downpours. It wasn’t too hard to get in since I still look like a middle school high school student anyway. Visited some friends around the campus and met up with Alden and Stacy in the end. Alden had no 6th period and Stacy was allowed to ditch hers. haha.

Prior to the event, we were able to meet Victor Wooten himself. Stacy and I helped Mr. Wooten (sounds so proper and prestigious, ey?) set up since Alden was in charge. It’s a good thing I didn’t get some sort of seizure and fangirl like crazy. P: Here’s how it went down when I introduced myself! Or how Alden seemed to put it when the man met me. I can probably vaguely remember because it was surreal. hahaha.

Him: What’s your name?
Me: I’m Chynna!
*shakes hands*
Him: That’s cool! That’s hard not to forget! I was just in China a while back!
Me: O_O

You get where I’m coming from, right? The man was so humble and casual and cool! How else can I put it?! I wish I asked for a picture before the event began, but I was too scared. I didn’t want to interrupt him setting up. I would’ve uploaded the videos I took of him last Friday as well, but my camera doesn’t seem to be functioning right now.

I was right in front of him while he was performing and teaching. His soundboard had a looper (I think that’s what Edward said it was), which saved riffs he made on the spot. Some of the things he played were Amazing Grace. Also, my fave performance, was when he started off with this certain familiar bass riff. Then, he saved and overlapped it with the melody. DANG! He was covering Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder! It was beyond brilliant!

And also, Alden had the privilege to be taught by Mr. Wooten himself. A life lesson on music on the spot.

The day couldn’t get any better! He had a book written, but I was too broke to purchase it. That’s alright. After the event, I finally got my picture with him. Yay!

Who knew that in two hours you could learn so much about music and change your philosophy on it? Mr. Wooten had me there though. Great Philosophy. You shouldn’t be playing an instrument but rather be playing music. Less is more. I could throw and quote his lines here and there, but I’ll just be silly again.

Haha. This is something I’ll be sure to tell my grandkids about. I met Victor Wooten! He knows me! I’ll shut up now. xD

Feeling Lucky?

Hah! Not even! That word never applies to me nor is it even in my vocabulary. But for some strange turn of events, the impossible became possible.

I mentioned that I just had to get into this English class. When I arrived at the Humanities building last Wednesday morning, the hallway was packed from end to end.

WHAT THE HECK?! All these people want to get into this one English class?! You’ve got to be kidding me. Seriously. I don’t think it was possible to cramp all those people into one room.

Fortunately (and unfortunately), we all managed to fit in once the professor arrived; there were a handful of people who were standing up. I was fortunate to have taken a seat. The first thing the professor did was that he asked all those who wanted to add the class to raise their hands. I was one of them, of course. Amongst the 20+ people who wanted to squeeze their names on the list. |:

But without hesitation, he tells us there isn’t a spot available and kicks us all out. Seriously? Seriously.

A few of us, still being a rather large handful, waited outside the classroom. It was unfair. There were seats left. The other registered students didn’t show up. We rightfully had claim to those empty chairs!

Sooner or later, we burst through the classroom and the professor lets us sit in. Still, he reminded us that he wasn’t going to add anyone. I had nowhere else to go so I might as well make it worth my while.

As he was going through the attendance sheet, he finds out that one of his registered students dropped the class. One. You know what that meant.

This was WAR.

In order to decide who gets that one spot, our professor made us draw a lottery. He also made this one random girl pick out the name from the whole lot so he wouldn’t be blamed for the outcome. Haha.

I scribbled my name on a blank sheet of paper, walked up to the front and handed in my name with the rest of the lot. It was an eye-twitcher, I tell you. The girl picks out one of the random lots and hands it to the professor. He opens the paper. My heart beats erratically. He says.

“It’s blank.”


Okay, so he had to scan the entire paper to find the name on it. Finally, he did.


And my eyes just widened in disbelief. This isn’t real.


*headdesk x 37129841*

Okay, it was real. But what the heck? Cynthia? How do you get Cynthia out of Chynna. For one thing, I don’t even have a “t” in my name!

The point is, I got into my English class. I never win anything! This was like winning a million bucks but better! Okay, almost better, because I still have to work my butt off for an A. Although the fact that I was the only one to get in escapes me. Seriously. There must be a divine reason!

And so, after a week in that class, it’s pretty much been a major nosebleed. Just submitted my first paper this morning on Hamlet. Aced my reading quiz last week as well. But hey, if I can get through Mr. B, I can get through this guy! Plus, I think my professor’s awesome. He keeps me awake and relates Avatar to Heart to Darkness. Shear EPICNESS.

Speaking of which, I should get going and read that book. I probably should watch Avatar as well.