Gabe Bondoc came out with a brand new EP called “Twelve” today. As the world slips into the mainstream sounds of EDM, I still hold my heart close to acoustic jams. Listening to these songs brings a smile to my face and a tinge of sadness. I would have liked to share these songs with him since both of us enjoyed Gabe Bondoc’s music.

Nowadays, the triggers come and go more often than not. I’m remembering memories I never thought I’d remember. And while those memories are pleasant for the most part, I’m not bitter, but rather sad. Why wouldn’t I be? When I see these pieces of us cascading with smiles and laughter? What saddens me the most is thinking that the most important person to me may never be a part of my life again. That he would choose not to initiate a conversation with me. That he would not bother to be there for me even as a friend. It’s the fear that if the worst would happen to me, would he bother to even be there for me at all?

October is in two months. There’s the possibility of our circle of friends getting together. It’s almost been four months since we’ve been apart. As much as I’d love to see everyone again, especially him for the most part, I don’t think I have the strength to. Then again, as someone else had mentioned, it’s two months away, and how I feel could change in two months.

Perhaps. We’ll see.

“Twelve” keeps on playing. All I could think of is that I miss talking to my best friend.