Here’s To New Adventures

None of this dumb “New year, new me” nonsense. I don’t have any new year’s resolutions. I feel like even if I write a list, like most people, I wouldn’t be able to do it anyway. Unless I have an actual game plan, then I know I can put it into action.

So instead of hitting a set of goals in a mental checklist, I figured I’d take it one step at a time. Now that I’ve been slowly settling into my living and work situation (it’s been like half a year lol), I feel like it’s time that I get back to doing things I’ve put on hold for the longest time. I’ve been conditioning my mind to not be so negative about the things I do. To not expect results so quickly. Little by little.

I purchased a GoPro on a whim. It’s always been on the back of my mind, but what finally gave me the push to purchase it was knowing that Mario was going to be back from New York for only a week. Our whole crew hadn’t seen him in a year since his wedding, and we only had one day to hang out. Knowing that, it just made sense to capture the few moments that we all share. And since it’s holiday season, it made even more sense to document the memories of friends that I don’t see as often anymore (Bryan pls).

As hard as it hit my bank account, among all the other items I spent during the holidays, the GoPro has so far been a wonderful investment. I hope to continue creating and capturing memories with it as the days go by.

Aside from capturing memories, I’m getting back into the rhythm of working out again. While I told myself I wanted to do a 5 mile race this year, I probably shouldn’t jump the gun. 5 miles isn’t really a lot, but for someone who sits around and codes all day, it’s starting to seem daunting. My first step really is to get fit. And while that seems vague, I just want to be able to work out and not feel like crap. Or run a mile in without feeling winded.

Lastly, I’m gonna try to get back to blogging again. Now that I recall all those reflections I had to write in elementary in high school, I feel like it subconsciously straightened out my thoughts since I put them to paper. This whole learning to adult 9 to 5 shindig is taking away my self-discovery. It’s time to get back on that track of self-improvement. Slowly, but surely.