Weighing August

As Kimberly used to say, “Now’s not the time to be stupid.” August has officially hit. Though I am pleased to have my own apartment now, I feel that everything’s going to get harder from now on. I really have to step my game up. It sucks that I don’t have my own car, so it’s rough getting around.

I’m lagging behind. Even if I’m excited to be going to university this coming fall, there’s a lot of catching up for me to do in terms of school. I’ve weighed the pros and cons to not having to move in right away this month.

I figured that since I’m still hanging around the South Bay, I’ll still be catching up with friends. There will be summer nights reserved for shaved ice. Which reminds me, I probably should contact everyone else since Clark’s looking forward to a night at Guppy’s. I’ll still be able to help out in church this month as a youth worker. Most of my kids moved to the high school already, but there’s still some raising up to do. I’ll still have the opportunity to hang out with my bros from the Kool Kidz Klub. That is, if time is opportune and Vito would stop bashing me. Lol. And, of course, I’m mostly looking forward to spending time with Yuki. Even if it’s just one night during the week and sometimes a few moments spent with him before he drives back to LA, those times are precious to me.

The little things that I am thankful for in regards to being home is that I don’t have to worry about food and money. Not that I spend a lot during the week. In fact, I try not to spend at all. When I’m home, there’s always food in the fridge. I wouldn’t know what I would do in Irvine if I was broke and starving. Yeah, I don’t think I’d make it to fall quarter. Lol.

Then again, if I was living in Irvine right now, I’d be able to settle in and get used to things sooner. Somehow, I’d get myself a job and contemplate on working and studying at the same time. Yeah, I need to get a hold on being independent.

If I can’t step my game up over there, I’ll have to make do with my situation now. I’m off to sleep. Damian’s going to Irvine tomorrow, and I’m hitching a ride. Time to take initiative and ask about financial aid, inquire about my major, explore the community and maybe even sign up for the gym. Whoa, sounds like a lot of responsibility.

Challenge accepted.