The Other View

Who would’ve thought that Chris Johnson could have given me insight to my own life? Yes, I refer to him by his full name. I don’t know. Perhaps it just sounds cooler that way.

I walked into MESA this morning and still had about half an hour to kill before my voice class. Chris was at the back struggling with Physics 1C. I, on the other hand, attempted the 7B homework that’s due later tonight. It wasn’t going so well. I barely got anywhere when I was there. Physics aside, though, I always find myself having strange yet interesting conversations with this dude. Honestly, who would’ve thought? ‘Cause Chris mostly has his unenthused expression on his face. Lol.

So Chris brings up a question in his very chill tone. “How are you and the Yuke-ster doing? Yuke-ster. Hmm, I just made that off the top of my head.” Insert headdesk here? Anyway, when he brought that up, the conversation took an interesting turn on long distance relationships and ambitions. Looking at a Chris’ perspective, I honestly hoped that Yuki thinks the same way as he does.

Let me stretch this out for a second. Spring is ending and we’re all going to part ways. Seems like Chris and his girl are on the same page as Yuki and me. What do we do when school is over? I’m surprised to find out that Chris is willing to make an effort to still keep seeing his girl after he transfers. But it’s the girl that wants to break it off eventually thinking that it’s going to be too painful if he’s away.

Where does that leave Yuki and me? I know where I stand. At this moment, I only wish that Yuki has Chris’ perspective. Haha. Both of them have such chill and laid back personalities. I wonder, really. Eventually.