Fighting Food Comas

After listening to music for hours on end, I’m appreciating the silence. I’m fortunate enough to be able to listen to my iPod while I work everyday. Gladly. If I didn’t, I know I’d already have my face flat on the keyboard.

I figured out that I’m not an afternoon person this past summer. Around 3 to 4PM, my eyes begin to droop. I could’ve sworn I’ve fallen asleep for at least a minute or two. I must’ve had my hood on that day; I wasn’t caught.

Everyday has been a battle for those two specific hours. A tough one I must endure. What makes it even more difficult is that everyone at work is accustomed to having 2PM lunches.

Really? I mean really?! I have to fight a food coma and have an afternoon handicap?! Crazy, I tell you.

I’ve tried listening to 90s boyband music to keep me awake. That worked for two days. But I’m getting the feeling that I’m starting to become immune to it.

“Backstreet’s back, alright!”

Frequent bathroom breaks? Not really. I try not to spend too much time in there. People might think I’m doing ze number 2 when I’m really leaning on the bathroom wall and closing my eyes. I’m serious.

While I try to fight my sleep, I think about how fast summer has gone. Has it already been two months? It’s unbelievable how it’s almost August. As much as I want to get the internship done, I don’t want summer to end. I still have a lot of things to catch up on.

I’ve been thinking of revamping my old site. Keeping the blog here, I was wondering about making it a photo blog or a portfolio. All the editing skills I’ve learned these past few weeks have encouraged me to polish some of my memorable photos.

Camp’s coming up in six days. Time’s flying pretty fast, isn’t it? I need to pack up some gear since I’ll be away for a whole week. To be honest, I’m feeling mixed about camp. I know it’s going to be an awesome experience. But I can’t imagine how exhausted I’ll be after it. I remember that one winter camp with school following that weekend. I kept falling asleep in my AP Physics class for consecutive weeks. |: And with a photo shoot that following Monday plus working for the last week. Shnaps, will I be able to hold up?

Planning and more planning. Before summer ends, I hope to hike around Palos Verdes. It’s about time that I do something active aside from sitting in a computer chair all day. Oh mahn, I know exactly who would love to poke me about that.

I miss swimming and the outdoors. I’ll be needing some adventure time eventually. Hopefully, that sleepover with some friends at my place would push through. I still don’t know how we’re all going to fit into my house. We’ll make it work.

Until then, I’ll dream of sheep. Ah yes, sheep.

Which reminds me of that idea… Do robots dream of electronic sheep?

“It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna diiiiie. D8!!”

And I need to watch Inception, quite so.